Wild Wing 2016What is the minimum age a child must be to take a clogging class?
A child must be at least 7 years old to take any of our classes. Any child under 10 is required to have a parent/guardian join and clog in the class with them.

I have clogged before on another team, how do I know what class level to join?
We encourage you to contact our director. Let her know how many years experience and type of clogging, etc. She will contact you ASAP with the dates/times of our next classes so you can come watch and/or participate in one of our classes… and then you’ll be able to gauge the level you feel comfortable in.

I have two left feet… can you still teach me to clog?
Yes, we can teach anyone and everyone – even those with two left feet. With repetition and practice (and your positive attitude), you will learn to control your urges to use the same foot for every step. Just give it a try!

Can you even teach those who cannot hear a beat?
Yes, as we said above, we can teach anyone and everyone. During your first beginner class, we will practice hearing the beat with you. Within a few weeks you’ll be dancing around to any and every beat you hear… in the car, on the radio, in the grocery store…

Where can I get clogging shoes?
There are many options for where to purchase clogging shoes. Our team uses ‘white oxford’ type shoes, with ‘Steven Stompers Buck Taps’ attached. You can purchase these online from Carl’s Clogging Supply or even find some less expensive used ones on Ebay. Local stores, such as ‘Tops for Shoes’, may also have them in stock. (Note: we do not require you to purchase shoes for our Beginner classes.)